Mary's Little Lamb

January 7, 2004

Hello all, surprise and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that your new year has begun on a happy note. This year, we went to one Christmas party (the one held at the British-American Institute where I take french lessons), we had the Berios over for aperitífs and our ex-neighbors Olivier, Erika, Juliette and Lilou had us over for Galette de Roi and Cider to celebrate the new year. For Christmas dinner we cooked a chapon (a fatty, castrated chicken ... see, this is an educational site) instead of the skinny turkey the butcher ordered for us. I made peanut butter balls and 2 batches of modified Chex Mix (well, it's NEW here!)... that's IT! We stayed up on New Year's Eve to welcome 2004, heard a couple of firecrackers, then promptly went to bed. A low-key holiday season but fun nonetheless. I sure missed seeing the family.

How do you like the new graphics? The person who draws these is so talented. Wait until you see the other pages she has created. This is a sneak preview of what's to come but I don't have all the kinks worked out yet. Someone who knows what they are doing (really) could have ten websites built by now. But it's my hobby ... better than watching TV, I guess ... at least keeps me off the streets at night <g> Stay tuned.

Photos. First, my nephew George sent some photos of his wedding day that he agreed to let me share with you. They live in SC and George works for SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) in the low country region doing criminal investigations. Janet is studying at MUSC toward a degree as a Physician's Assistant. They were married in November. Thank you George and Janet ... it was your day, enjoy it again with us!



Janet and her Dad. I like this photo.


Janet and her Dad. Janet looks like a princess!


The vows. The priest in the background who performed the ceremony ... is my other nephew, George's brother ... Father Gregory Wilson!


Waiting for the 'gifts'




Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wilson, Jr.


Arriving at the reception


George, Janet and Ashley, Janet's niece. This is a sweet photo.


First dance




Cutting the cake. What a gorgeous cake. George, you look SO much like your Daddy here!

George said it was a wonderful day spent celebrating with family and friends. It sure looks like it. Thank you for letting us have a peek. I'm waiting for some photos of the Italian honeymoon now!



More photos.



My Mother! I miss you!



You remember Frank, Barbara, Taylor and Chase from Germantown? Thank you for the photo ... it made us all miss you more!



This is Tavel, an area known for it's rosé wines. The golden vines are grape vines ... for as far as the eye can see.




"Tavel, premier rosé of France" Sign on top of a wine cooperative. Yes, we bought some.




The Christmas Market in Avignon



Selling roasted chestnuts




Erik got "drafted" by this street performer on the square.



The organ grinder in the square in Avignon. We learned from him that Sadaam Hussein had been captured ... more fun than sitting at home watching it on TV lol!



Our "for real" Christmas Day dinner. There is a beverage here named Champomy that a lot of people buy for kids to drink at birthday parties and on special occasions like Christmas and New Year's. It comes in a bottle that looks like champagne but it's actually sparkling apple juice.



We had a gateau de roi just for fun on Christmas Day since they put them out early in the stores... guess who got the first fêve?




Some cakes come with two fêves and two crowns .. one for the king and one for the queen. Emily found the first fêve and Jason found the second, so we decided to call them the queen and the prince!




Emily brought home a paper just before the Christmas break about participating in a 3-day horse riding event over the break. She begged to do it and we said okay. Her first horse was named Cookies ... this one on the last day was named Haribo, the name of a famous brand of french candy.



At the stables. She is begging to ride horses on a regular basis now and likes "trick riding" the best.




Hello neighbors! Lilou, Erika, Olivier and Juliette. Erika and Olivier used to live across the street from us but recently bought a house about 20 minutes from here. We miss them but hope to still see them often. Olivier is a flight attendant with British Airways. Erika is on maternity leave from her job and used to be an au pair for a family in Seattle. They both speak English very well and spoil me by speaking English when we are together <g>



The galette de roi at Erika and Olivier's. Who got the fêves this time?




Erik and Juliette!



This is Olivier trying to get Lilou to smile for a photo ... Here's her reaction...





OooooooooK Dad!



Thanks for looking everyone; I hope you enjoyed your visit. Stand by for more thrills and excitement coming soon! Write me!


So you don't have any snow but want to build a snowman? Click on the sign above and have some fun!










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