January 27, 2004

Bonjour Friends and Family! I started to change the journal page to a more spring-like background, then I read where so many of you are still in the throes of winter and decided the snowmen are appropriate after all! Maybe you can visit with us at our new web home on this cold, winter afternoon!

Well, I think the site is finally completely renovated. Bear with me on this journal page because I don't have any photos to share with you here, just some blah-blah. However, we have lots of new stuff for you to look at on the other pages. It's been a tough job but at the same time, a lot of fun seeing it all come together. A lot of the graphics were custom made by a computer graphic artist who is very talented. You will see that I use a lot of Karol's sets and that she does a very good job. I appreciate all she did for me, and once you see our house (those of you who haven't) you'll see just what a good job she did on the drawing for the homepage. Okay here's what else is new.

The Journal link on the index2 page will now bring you to the latest update. All the previous entries are archived on a page appropriately titled, Archives. For those of you who don't know, we are new grandparents! There is now a page dedicated to Ethan Andrew, Joanna and Danny's new little one. I'll try to post a new photo of him monthly on his page. Also new is a Friends & Family page where I will post photos of ... YOU! And finally there is a tribute to my parents, the page titled Waylon & Ellen Jo. That page was the hardest but the most rewarding! Links, About Provence and Miscellaneous are basically still the same, only better (I hope!). I've finally given up on the Guestbook. Maybe more people would rather write email than post publically anyway. I hope you will write! Plus, there are a couple more pages in the works, but it's going to take a while to get them together.

So, thanks for looking everyone and thank you for your faithful visits to the site and emails over the past couple of years. It's those of you who enjoy it that makes it all worthwhile. We hope you enjoy your visit with us today. Please let us know how you like the new site ... good and bad!


So you don't have any snow but want to build a snowman? Click on the sign above and have some fun!










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