February 23, 2004

This will be a quick update with just a few pictures from today's picnic outing. But first, here is a picture of our fence after the Siroco wind blew through. It was gusting to 65 mph for much of the day. This wind also carries a sandy powder from the Sahara desert and drops in with the rain. This leaves a layer of crud on everything. This is only the second time we have had this particular wind since we have been here. There are 32 different winds here and each of them has its own name and associated weather pattern. It is said that the Provençal people love to talk and will give a name to even the slightest breeze. Here is the list of 32 winds in Provençal: Tremountano, Temps dre, Mountagnero, Ventouresco, Aguieloun, Cisampo, Gregau, Auro bruno, Levant, Auro rousso, Vent blanc, Marin blanc, Eissero, Auro caude, Vent de souleu, Embat, Marin, Vent de bas, Fouis, Vent laro, Labe, Vent de damo, Pounentau, Rousau, Narbounes, Travesso, Mango fango, Cers, Mistral, Vent d’aut, Biso, and Auro drecho. Another list of winds we found includes the following: Autun, Bise, Cers, Galerne, Grec, Levant Marin, Mistral, Siroco, Tramontane, and Traverse.


Here are some pictures from today's outing. We drove north and had a picnic in Bollène. It was cold, so part of the picnic was on the tailgate and part was sitting in the car with the heat blasting. The kids had a good time on the playground, though and the view from beside the 12th century church was nice.



Trick riders!







Come on EriK!!!






I hope that spring doesn't break.






This curious round thing (no not my head), is called a Brossolade and is made there in the village of Bollène and is flavored with orange rind. Sounds a lot better than it is. This is how to have a picnic when it is 37 degrees out.





This is a nearby nuclear plant. France gets 73 percent of it's electricity from nuclear power. That is a higher percentage than any other country. The only country that comes close to that percentage is Sweden.




This is a nearby village called La Garde Adhèmar.






Nice sunset from La Garde Adhèmar. We were freezing and just about ready to go home at this point.






Here, Erik was wishing upon the first star he saw.





They must get the rest of the electricity from these windmills.




We decided to put up the Valentine's photos on the web page since so many of you couldn't see them using the link to the AOL page. Click 'next' to see the Valentine's Day Surprise photos.

See you soon!








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