February 26, 2004

I'm going to call this update "backlog" since that's what it is ... a backlog of photos that we haven't gotten around to converting for the website. We recently got a new program that makes it easier to do so Jonathan did our taxes, then sat down and converted all these photos for me. Chapeau! Hope you enjoy them!




Just off the coast near Hyères, there is a beautiful island named Ile de Porquerolles. We took the ferry over in March of last year and spent the day. It was beautiful and a lot of fun and we plan to go again as soon as the weather is warm enough.





Beautiful Caribbean-colored water at the bottom of the cliff.




The beach where we had our picnic.





As usual, Jonathan had the women eating out of his hands <g>





We rented bikes for the day. Yee-ha! Riding past the olive groves.




I dreamed about riding bikes one night before this trip. It was a good feeling with the wind blowing my hair and I had just a wonderful sense of well-being. That's just how it felt this day. Fun!







These - are - steep - cliffs - and - yes - we - are - on - the - edge - of - one.






This was near a lighthouse where we sat for a long time enjoying the breeze and scenery. The cat I'm holding just made himself at home with us and eventually fell asleep on my lap!





Le petit chat





Gorgeous scenery. These islands (there are 3, Porquerolles is the largest) are called the Isles d'Or -- Islands of Gold -- because of the golden color of the rock.






When I trust Jonathan to do the converting, he puts up way too many photos of boring subjects <haha>





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