St. Tropez and Port Grimaud. We were hob-nobbing with the big boys and girls this time. Okay, I cannot tell a lie ... we stayed in a dinky hotel with no air-conditioning about 5 miles from Port Grimaud for about 100 euros per night. It was fun seeing how the beautiful people vacation though.

The port at St. Tropez. Although much maligned, St Tropez is nice to visit with its narrow back streets, shops and of course, the harbor. And they have some nude beaches if you get bored.

There were a lot of artists selling their paintings along the water.




No worries except a checkmate.






We've got boats and we've got our BOATS. No shortage of gin palaces and yachts here.





Aren't the colors of the buildings beautiful? Especially at sunset. We ate lunch along the port ... not as expensive as we expected.





We've got our beautiful people and we've got the people taking pictures of them.





Just outside St. Tropez ... just a small example of the devastation from one of the wildfires they had there last summer.




Port Grimaud, the first of the custom-built fishing village resorts. The village of Grimaud is the ancient site of the Grimaldi family castle. Prince Rainier of Monaco is the current descendant of the royal family. Sometimes called the Venice of Provence because of all the canals. Each homeowner here has his/her own pier. And a lot of money.





At our hotel, hob-nobbing with the real people.




We took a boat tour around the port.



Dock your boat and have a meal. Or watch other people docking their boat and having a meal.





Colorful, Mediterranean waterfront houses.



There's more on the next Journal page if you're up to it... put your feet up and stay a while!








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