At the château ruins of Châteauneuf du Pape. This 14th century château was once the Pope's summer residence during the time the papacy was based in France. It was well-preserved before being bombed by retreating Germans during WWII. Today, the village is almost completely dedicated to its world-famous wine production.




A pique-nique in the château. I love our little fold-out picnic table because we can stop and picnic wherever we want.




Emily with some wood they found to build some stuff. These two are like twins and have an intense relationship ... they are either connected at the hip or arguing heatedly. Here's a 'connected' moment.





A VERY pretty sign outside a câve. I love these signs!





A nice view on the hike up.






View from the top




Nice view with the river in the background.




On the way back down, Emily picked these "flowers" for me. I can't tell you how many times the kids have picked "flowers" for me...almost everyday on our walk home from school. I am blessed.




Summer is so bad for forest fires here because it is so dry and often windy. Hiking trails are closed during the summer because of the danger of fires. We had to detour on the way home this day because of a forest fire but not before we were up close and personal and saw the flames just across the road from where we were standing.




A Canadair plane heading in to drop water on the flames. Jonathan says this is very dangerous flying. The fire is actually well behind this little village. Resembles a war movie to me. But you airplane people would tell me 'how silly' since there would never be a fire-fighting plane in a war move ... Canadair, Cessna, B-52, C-130, A-300... they're all the same to me <g>.




Heading out for more water.




Ruins of an old chapel in Eygalières. This is a popular picnic spot on top of a mountain.




Pique-niqueing again!




It's especially nice here in the summer for the views and because there's always a good breeze blowing.






A château where you can buy the famous Châteauneuf du Pape wines (yes, we did!) plus, you can stay here for about 180 euros per night if the pocketbook allows.


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